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I was born and lived in Liège, Belgium. In 2004, I moved to America. I soon found the “Americans’ idea” of “Belgian waffles” not to be the sweet tasting traditional variety that most Belgians enjoy. In 2007 when I moved to Florida, I decided to introduce the “Authentic Belgian waffle” and started to bake them at local farmers’ markets.

Sylvia’s Authentic Belgian Waffles are made from a 400 year old recipe. They are a scrumptious breakfast & dessert or a great snack to be eaten warm or at room temperature, with or without toppings.

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COVID Precautions

At Sylvia's Waffles we take all the necessary precautions to be sure everybody stays safe. We sanitize the tables, chairs, menus, and recipe folders after each customer. Bottles of sanitizer are available in the dining room so you can use it as much as needed.